GPS on the IPAQ Voice Messenger

I haven't had many problems using GPS on the IPAQ Voice Messenger, but I've read lots of forum threads from users who have.  One thing that has been missing in Windows Mobile Standard phones (no touchscreen) is the GPS applet, which is readily available on windows mobile professional phones (touchscreen).

Today, after searching around the internet, I found a CAB file that reveals the GPSID applet on non-touch screen Windows Mobile (Standard) devices (sometimes referred to as Smartphones).  I installed the CAB file on the IPAQ Voice Messenger and it works great!

The Microsoft_Smartphone_GPSID Settings.CAB file can be downloaded from MoDaCo or if you do not want to register at MoDaCo, the file can be downloaded here.

To install the CAB file, just copy it to your Voice Messenger, then use File Explorer to navigate to it.  Select the file and a wizard will install the software to the device.  You can access the application by selecting Start > GPSID Settings icon.

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